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5-11 August 2020
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Although the overall risk is still very low, research suggests that people who have spent the past decade or more frequently talking on their cell phones in the traditional way are more likely to develop brain tumors.

Wwe Live Summerslam Heatwave Tour Tickets, WRESTLING Schedule with Promo Codes

John Walls, a spokesperson for industry trade group CTIA: The Wireless Association, points out that no major American health organization has said that wireless devices are a public health risk. The World Health Organization, though, has expressed concern.

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And texting or talking while driving--which boosts your chances of having a car wreck by a factor of four--poses a far bigger risk than the radiation may. But considering that you can get an earbud-type hands-free set for as little as five bucks, why not take the safest tack?

Most Popular Presales Happening Now!

PVC shower curtains. That funky, chemical-y smell of new polyvinyl chloride PVC shower curtains comes from volatile organic compounds, which may be carcinogenic over time and can cause nausea and headaches in the short term, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Want something waterproof?

Look for vinyl acetate, which is safer, she says. Microwaving in plastic. Heat releases some of the chemical building blocks in plastic, sending them into whatever food or drink you're warming up.

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  • One such chemical, bisphenol A BPA , "can mimic the effects of estrogen in the body, potentially leading to issues like premature puberty and breast or testicular cancer," says Pham. Even BPA-free plastics could release substances that can have negative effects, so it's best to avoid microwaving any plastic container, says Jennifer Lowry, M. All of our experts agree: Heat food or drink in glass or ceramic. Flea and tick collars. Adults who play with a cat or dog while it's wearing a flea and tick collar are exposed to up to times the Environmental Protection Agency's safe level of pesticides, according to a first-of-its-kind study by scientists at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

    For children, the levels can be 1, times higher than what's safe. The worst are collars containing chemicals called get ready for a mouthful propoxur or tetrachlorvinphos, which kill pests by disrupting their nerve pathways. Four out of five top-selling brands we shopped for contained one of these, so check labels. Luckily there are other effective pest-killing options.

    For other--cheaper! Constantly running a humidifier. Those little steam machines can be a life saver for parents with a stuffed-up kid who can't sleep, but using them too often might make things worse. A study by the New York State Department of Health found that one of the biggest predictors of whether children developed asthma was the frequent use of a humidifier at home. Certain antibacterial soaps and toothpastes.

    Triclosan is a germ killer found in a lot of antibacterial hand soaps, body washes, and even some brand-name cavity-control toothpastes.

    Foo Fighters Presale Passwords & Offers

    But the American Medical Association recommends against the use of triclosan in our homes, because it may encourage the development of scary bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Not sure whether triclosan lurks in your favorite products? Just check the labels. X-ray airport scanners. You know those "backscatter" full-body X-ray machines at airport security gates?

    Europe banned them several months ago because of health concerns, but the machines are still in use in some airports in the States.

    What’s in a Presale Ticket? 10 Ways You Can Take Advantage

    The Transportation Security Administration TSA says the amount of radiation emitted by each scan is minuscule, but independent research suggests the dose to some parts of the body is at least 45 times higher than the TSA claims and may even increase cancer risk, particularly for the elderly and women predisposed to breast cancer.

    Since you're already going to be exposed to radiation by flying, avoid the extra rays and ask for a pat-down, says John Sedat, Ph. Colon "cleansing. The intestines are self-cleaning, so unless you're getting a colonoscopy, there's no reason to sweep the whole thing out, says gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu. The pills are poorly regulated and could make you laxative-dependent, she says; colonic enemas carry a risk of intestinal perforation, which requires surgery to fix.

    To keep your digestive system working smoothly, says Ganjhu, stay hydrated; eat lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains; and exercise. I bought three tickets last week and just for fun, I checked today to see how easily I could find that amount of tickets within my price range. It was impossible. Hayfzz 24 May Attention taylorswift13 and Swifties everywhere who are looking for another jam. This is Just got my tickets!!

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    Convincing my dad to play the lover album during our road trip was a big win for me! Swifties - Home Facebook ; Swifties.

    Taylor Swift became one of country's brightest and youngest faces in , when the year-old Email or Phone , Password. Forgot account? See All Tide turns against Taylor Swift over tricky tour ticket tactics ; 6 Jan Got my numbers through an email with a super special secret squirrel link.

    We went ahead and bought our tickets because we were planning to see Foo during this tour anyway, we just happen to live in Jax. The line up looks amazing. EDIT: Maybe not amazing but damn Saturday looks nice. WTR Lineup. If anyone needs discounted tickets, I can get them to you through the ambassador program. I'm trying to find a discount code that works for a ga 3 day pass, but so far the one I got doesn't work. Hotel packages were sold out but we added a limited number of General Admission packages.

    You can get them here:. Let me know if you have any questions about the packages and I will help you out. Cake Day.